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Hey wer es noch nicht mitbekommen hat der Wahnsinn:bado: Der PokerStars-​Nick Boku87 ist nicht nur der deutschen Onlinepoker-Gemeinde. Lowstakesgrinder haben ihn vielleicht schon gesichtet - nach über 6-monatiger Abstinenz grindet er wieder. Thomas "Boku87" Boekhoff. Über mich. Boku87 · Mein Profil vollständig anzeigen. Powered by Blogger.

Thomas "Boku87" Boekhoff kündigt erneut verrückte Poker-Wette an

Jetzt ist Boku87 alias Thomas Boekhoff mit einer noch krasseren Wette zurück: Er will aus $5 ab dem Juli $ machen. Ein Zeitlimit. Boku87 – so sein Spielername, ist der bekannteste online Pokerspieler aus Deutschland. Er wohnt in Niedersachsen und hat sein Abitur abgebrochen, als er​. Boku87 verwandelt $5 in $ Poker player boku87 Boku Der PokerStars-Spieler Thomas "Boku87" Boekhoff ist in Onlinepokerkreisen.

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Boku87 After Sofort Banking Erfahrung while, however, Ferguson adapted to the freerolls. On December 30, Ingram posted a video saying he still needed 35, VPPs Boku87 that he had 28 hours left. That money was the basis for a Boku87 ending to the challenge. Even Das Dingo from his Starcraft career, ElkY had his doubts. If you decide to make it happen, Thomas, we wish you the best of luck. His goal this time: turn 3, play-money chips into GlГјcksspirale 04.03.17, Privacy Policy I accept. It's possible, sure, but it's going to be tough. About the same time the scandals hit and most of the sites shut down. Impossible, said a chorus of doubters. Thomas Boekhoff has a job. It’s eight hours a day, in front of a computer, slaving away with his top money management skills. Frankly, it doesn’t sound very fun until one realizes Boku87 is playing poker, and playing it so well he can start without a bankroll and end with more money than a lot of people make in a given year. Boku87 tries to keep always the same amount of games running, but sometimes when he is playing 35 games at the same time for example and he is facing a lot of shorthanded situations he waits until those situations cease so he can add more tables. Let's be perfectly honest. There is no easy way to turn $ into $10, It's possible, sure, but it's going to be tough. With that in mind, consider this: Thomas "Boku87" Boekhoff did it the hard way and he did on PokerStars without leaving his desk chair at home. July 15th Boku87 will start challenge #2, turning $5 into $, within 1 year playing on PokerStars. He claims that he can do it in a few months starting the challenge as Supernova VIP. 0 FPPs $5 Cash FPPs earned may be used to play satellites or purchase bonuses. He will post an update on his progress twice a week. After two weeks, boku87 had already amassed almost $10, profit. After three months he was at $24, Then he started having technical issues and health problems. He went into a downswing and dropped below $20, So Boekhoff stopped to recover - For almost two months he laid the challenge to rest.

Boku87. - Phil Ivey alias eurogon, joe buttons oder Phil Ivey

Password recovery. It would mean day in, day out poker for all the marbles. That Boku87 the moment Boku87 knew he had it made. And so, Boekhoff set about making it happen. It would mean day in, Quizduell Ard App out poker for all the marbles. After 25 the thing goes a little more complicated.

Here's an in-depth look at how Ferguson's Challenge played out along with four more iconic online poker challenges.

As well as co-founding Full Tilt Poker The game theorist wanted to prove to himself - and everybody else. It was a challenge that inspired a whole generation of players.

I was taking those freerolls dead seriously, because getting money out of them was an essential part of the challenge. And then he was wondering for three days how to invest it.

He lost a coin flip and went back to zero. After a while, however, Ferguson adapted to the freerolls. I cashed in about one in That money was the basis for a successful ending to the challenge.

Although Ferguson later said tournaments alone were terrible for strict bankroll management. Both steps took him nine months instead of six. Then the big downswing hit.

Ferguson invented a set of rules particularly with regards to strict bankroll management. He only allowed himself to play freerolls, for starters, as he had to start with nothing.

The goal: Play the max SnGs in 60 minutes and remain profitable. Elky had 60 minutes to open as many SnG tournaments as possible.

Even fresh from his Starcraft career, ElkY had his doubts. After 60 minutes ElkY was allowed to finish the tournaments that had already started.

There would only be a valid record if ElkY was able to finish with a profit. There were no requirements about the amount of profit.

And they hand-picked Bertrand Grospellier to do it. ElkY himself seemed a little intimidated by the challenge. Still he couldn't keep pace and started timing out on several tables during the challenge's most intense phase.

It turned out the real challenge for the French pro was to figure out how many tables he could play while still winning at least a minimum of money.

Towards the end, when he had less tables to play, he was taking significantly more profitable decisions. His own record for SnGs within an hour was He had been playing that kind of frequency every day for three years straight.

And his world record wouldn't have been valid. As a recreational player, don't try this overkill experiment at home. You need to find your own comfort zone of the number of tables you can still play profitably.

It's not the number of tables that's the most important thing - it's maximum profit. Here's' ElkY and Hevad Khan as they talk about the challenge in its aftermath:.

In September an year-old girl from Norway named Annette Obrestad hit the live poker stage with a bang. That made her the youngest bracelet winner in the history of the WSOP.

However, she had already caught the attention of the poker community two months earlier. Because she had won a player sit-and-go without looking at her hole cards.

Obrestad's decision to play the tournament blind was based on her growing understanding No-Limit Hold'em is more about position.

And reading your opponent than the actual cards you hold. But the tournament that was recorded was actually the first and only time I did it for the public.

She actually did check her cards once when someone put her all-in and she contemplated whether to call or fold.

After the tournament, she posted the complete hand history on the coaching site PokerXFactor. As it turns out she had laid a couple of really lucky suck-outs on some of her opponents.

But she had also folded pocket kings and aces pre-flop. In the coming years Annette showed that she knew how to play with and without checking her hole cards.

Do not check your hole cards. Annette broke that rule once to decide whether she should call an all-in or not. He played up to 50 tables and devised an entirely new system for playing online poker.

To prove that his system worked — and promote a book — Boekhoff decided to play two bankroll challenges in low-stakes SNGs.

It was very simple to exploit the other players on the bubble. After this session the thenyear-old started checking his results on sharkscope.

He decided to start a two-week challenge playing nothing but these. During that phase, I really started to doubt myself. After 10 days I was ready to give up.

But then Day 11 brought the turnaround. He started a second challenge, and this time with a lot of railbirds following. At one point Boekhoff had up to 71 SNGs running.

Again, he played only SNGs. Then he started having technical issues and health problems. People were ready to put their money down.

There were also two high stakes player who were ready to bet any amount against me but unfortunately they noticed my bet after I already started.

And so, Boekhoff set about making it happen. It would mean day in, day out poker for all the marbles. Most people would resort to stimulants to keep them running.

Boekhoff said no way. This was not the German's first rodeo. A year or so back, Boekhoff made no secret of his multi-tabling skills.

If you think running four or five SNGs at the same time is tough, try doing 51 at a time. Just watching it in the video below is enough to make you go blind.

Now, imagine doing something like that for half a month straight. Then, imagine running bad. Oh, yes, variance happens, even in the the middle of monster prop bets.

At one point midway through, Boekhoff went a little cold and had a long stretch where he only broke even. And in this kind of bet, breaking even is as good as losing.

He almost gave up. That was the moment Boku87 knew he had it made. If I come up with another bet I will do it in October or November. If you decide to make it happen, Thomas, we wish you the best of luck.

We also wish you luck in getting again. Nice work, sir.

Boku87 Eingestellt von Boku87 um Kommentare:. Mittwoch, Richtig bekannt und eine grosse Fangemeinde aufgebaut hat sich Boku87 Bayern Tottenham Frühjahrals er eine Challenge startete, die viele für unmöglich zu gewinnen hielten:. 12/18/ · PokerStars player 'Boku87' has achieved some impressive results during his poker career. He was a Supernova Elite in , successfully completed a challenge to turn $ into $10, in just 14 days, and finished 14th at the European Poker Tour (EPT) Monte Carlo Grand Final in But now he faces his biggest challenge yet!. - Learn Boku87´s strategy and secrets! The German PokerStars pro, Thomas ’Boku87’ Boekhoff managed to fulfil his challenge one month ahead of schedule by building a bankroll of $, out of $5. The crazy multitable grinder who often plays up to 50 tables at once, started his challenge back in , on the 15th this March, he managed to play an astonishing SNG-s, which calculated to games per day, with his. Lowstakesgrinder haben ihn vielleicht schon gesichtet - nach über 6-monatiger Abstinenz grindet er wieder. Thomas "Boku87" Boekhoff. Der Ostfriese Thomas Boekhoff aus Weener erobert die Onlinepokerwelt! Wir befinden uns in Weener, im Herzen Ostfrieslands In einer. boku87 Pokerspieler-Profil, boku87 Online-Poker-Platzierungen und Internet-​Pokerspieler-Statistiken auf ipoker. All: Nach seiner unglaublichen Challenge haben wir Thomas boku87 Boekhoff (Foto​) ein paar Tage Zeit zur Erholung gegeben. Doch dann.